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Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (commonly known as Warner Bros. and abbreviated as WB; formerly traded as Warner Bros. Inc.) is an American diversified multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate headquartered at the Warner Bros. Studios complex in Burbank, California, and a subsidiary of AT&T's WarnerMedia through its Studios and Networks Group division.

Mike Snider for USA Today mentioned the lates Warner bros scandal, "Warner Bros. chairman and CEO Kevin Tsujihara is stepping down as WarnerMedia continues an investigation into allegations that the studio chairman offered acting roles in exchange for sex.

WarnerMedia, the company formed after AT&T acquired Time Warner, began an investigation after a story in The Hollywood Reporter this month suggested a quid pro quo sexual relationship between an aspiring actress and the studio executive.

Two days before the story was published, WarnerMedia gave Tsujihara an expanded role, adding a portfolio of kids and young adults businesses, including Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and Turner Classic Movies, to his position as head of Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Now Tsujihara becomes one of the highest-ranking executives to be felled by sexual-misconduct allegations."


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Cocinero (Former Employee) says

"No puedo tener una valoración positiva sobre esta organización ya que dado que e vivido muy de cerca durante un tiempo en las instalaciones y pésimo sobre todo la poca humildad que hay y sin nombrar las peleas de padres borrachos menudo espectaculo!!!! Cons: 10 min para comer como los pavos"

Account Manager/Sales (Current Employee) says

"Bullying culture, terrible competitive and troublemaking."

Tour Guide (Current Employee) says

"This company exploits hits staff, allows management to harass employees, and uses HR and the OPEIU Local 174 union to cover it up. The employees are steadily going bankrupts while everyone else collects the profit. If you are a whistleblower and report harassment, HR will help cover it up and then destroy your reputation through Libel, slander and defamation. There is no equal opportunity while the company discriminates."

Security Guard (Current Employee) says

"This place is built on inconsistent management that do not have a clue. They break legal rules and also laws. They are robbing the blind badly. The think they are above the nation."

Content Producer (Current Employee) says

"A great company for content, a morass of confusion on the executive side. Cheap company, great artists. Confusion amongst management, archaic OS. Morale is atrosh. Cons: Management lies; pits workers vs. each other as fuel for productivity."

Security Officer/ Dispatcher (Former Employee) says

"Very political and they base there security all on favoritism. if they don't like you, you wont get work. Management does not support there officers. Do your self a favor and find a better place to work. Cons: Short lunches, security management"

Digital Operations System Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Nothing like a company that welcomes you with open arms, subtly gets you to agree to start working 70 hours a week, offers zero advancement opportunities and then kicks you down the street at their convenience. DO NOT work for WB!"

Craft service (Former Employee) says

"The only perks are comped meals and snacks during your shift. The job description is misleading. You start in the cafeteria busing dishes to the kitchen, taking trash, stocking ice, making coffee and tea, and stocking the condiments and silverware. Cons: Pay, inconsistent hours, poor management"

Assistant (Former Employee) says

"See above. Too much politicking and brown-nosing, and not enough of actually getting your job done in an effective manner."

Character Designer (Former Employee) says

"I enjoy drawing very much so but this was a place where I wanted to burn my hands off. The management was taken over by people who didn't know anything about Cartoon characters, which the studio store was marketing to sell. All of the products they wanted to produce was geared to the upper class market who didn't even care about cartoons and the product designs didn't relate one bit to any of the cartoons. Cons: They hired idoits to run the company"

Barista/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"There was always personal drama between all the employees. Alot of people created their clicks to be in. There was not job security, if someone else was in the wrong and you had spoken up about it, then you would be fired for that other persons wrong. Rules constantly changed and they would change without notice. I left due to the distance being too far, after a while i was spending more than half of my paycheck towards gas just to get there. After a year of being there I finally got a raise of 10 cents! Wow! Finally after I left a lot of other employees left and managers left. Things might have changed, but from what I hear...not too much. Cons: management, pay, distance, employee drama"

Finance Manager (Former Employee) says

"This place has so much politics, upper management is HORRIBLE. Some co-workers were terrified by management. They would not bring up any key points because they were so afraid they would get in trouble instead being listened to. Management do not show they care about the employees. They work you to death. You don't feel appreciated. Hostile work environment. So glad I'm not there anymore and just the thought of working there again gives me the creeps Cons: Hostile environment, horrible upper management"

Manager, Order Management (Current Employee) says

"My time at Warner was not very good. Limited to zero opportunities to move up. Their HR is not very helpful, i applied for nearly 16 jobs within a 5+ year time frame and only received one interview. i asked my mgmt for opportunities, put together full on presentations to show my willingness and did not get said opportunities. Cons: Poor leadership, lack of direction, lack of opportunity and low pay"

Modern video film vault clerk (Former Employee) says

"very stress full job, brodcast television , tapes, movies, edits, audio ,all have to work together , but many times people were not doing there jobs , alot of backstabbing, one thing , they did too me was switch my hours, without warning, from day shift to night shift, and i was working another job part time, so i dealt with it until i was laid off Cons: breaks were hard to get sometimes, fingerprint timecard for every break, we had to use entry card in every room"

Editor (Former Employee) says

"Lacks diversity and no plans to achieve it due to unaccountability by government and diversity advocates they just have given up. if you are not white do not apply you will be miserable and isolated with no possibility for advancement or promotion and if you question their unfairness they will give the minimum work or let you go and add you to "The Himmler's List" of dissidents and the ungrateful.(mind you this list is shared with all studios."

Senior Technical Project Manager (Current Employee) says

"Most people at Warner Bros are overworked and juggling multiple initiatives at the same time, which leads to low quality and frustration. Cons: Everything else"

Catering Associate (Current Employee) says

"Don’t do it. This is absolutely the worst place to work! No room for growth and they think that you need them more than they need you and that’s just not right! It kills your soul on a daily basis Cons: Everything"

Data Scientist (Former Employee) says

"I worked on a multidisciplinary project whose leadership failed to educate itself about the basics of the disciplines that fell outside of their narrow expertise. Management still micromanaged work in those areas and would routinely over-ride their experts, with disastrous effects. They failed to understand this pattern and they repeated it again and again. Terrible management practices, enormous egos, poor results, a lot of wasted investment."

Retail Team Lead (Assistant Manager) says

"Decent wage, I was middle management and I can tell you there is a lot of politics involved - If you aren't liked then you will not progress! Luckily I never found myself in a situation as such. Cons: Work with children"

New Line Internship (Former Employee) says

"Basic screening questions mainly regarding school enrollment, very abrupt, sent a timely follow up email which was not returned (though asking questions was encouraged), "we'll call you next week if you're selected" leaving you hanging for an entire week. Feel like my time was wasted. FYI, group interviews are the next step."

Former Employee - Bookseller says

"I worked at Warner Bros. part-time for less than a year Cons: Justice for Johnny Depp. Horrible place"

Current Employee - Director Finance says

"I have been working at Warner Bros. full-time Cons: Phone companies are not entertainment companies"

Current Employee - Senior Counsel says

"I have been working at Warner Bros. full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Toxic culture, horrible management. Sole focus is HBO Max which is a failure. AT&T is a horrible owner. Jason Kilar is a Jeff Bezo wanna be who will ultimately fail."

Former Employee - Senior Vice President Marketing says

"I worked at Warner Bros. full-time Cons: It’s working for the phone company now"

Former Employee - Administrative Coordinator says

"I worked at Warner Bros. full-time for less than a year Cons: Everything else. Pay is about 20% under national average for hourly workers. They treat their office workers like garbage and production like royalty. Terrible life/work balance; they don't care about their staff's well-being or mental health, and will throw you under the bus any chance they get if it saves them face, or money. The executives are so disconnected from their hourly employees, and dismiss all ideas. Very little opportunity to move up in this company without some sort of an "i''. They have a program that says it will give you experience in different parts of the business to help you grow, but it's completely mismanaged, and the recruiters don't seem to take it into consideration when hiring. Warner Bros. is by far the worst place I've ever worked."

Former Employee - Senior Counsel says

"I worked at Warner Bros. full-time for more than 3 years Cons: For anyone who isn’t part of the WB family be prepared to be treated as less than for there is a serious class system in effect. While they get early closures, parties, telecommuting, raises and bonuses you will be expected to not only clean up the messes they make but to do their jobs for them while they enjoy the fruits of your labor. The studio is completely disjointed. Not only do departments not know how to work with one another, within departments there is a complete lack of cohesiveness. If you are looking for a collaborative environment this isn’t it."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Warner Bros. full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Unethical leadership. Mismanagement of employees and departments"

Current Employee - Marketing says

"I have been working at Warner Bros. full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Very political. You keep your job based on who you hang out with. Have lunch with your boss. Attend the occasional event with the socially awkward marketing head."

Former Employee - Clerk Floater says

"I worked at Warner Bros. full-time for less than a year Cons: Extremely low pay and stressful work load."

Compositor says

"I worked at Warner Bros. for less than a year Cons: Hire on artist to work in house as vendors. Consistently changing scope of work which is never negotiated in reference to original contracts. Delays outside of artists control causing long hours and contract extensions. Totally unorganized mom and pop shop with no real pipeline or in house talent to support vfx work."

Paula Salander says

"Justice for J/D"

Jasna Nujić says

"Double Standards Much?

So Amber Heard is on tape talking about her violence towards Johnny Depp. Gets to stay on Aquaman 2. Johhny Depp loses UK case, gets cut from Fantastic Beasts. Correct me if I'm wrong but there is a serious double standard here. How about we boycott both movies to send a message to WB? If abuse is abuse then at the very least you clowns need to drop Amber Heard as well. Otherwise, watch the backlash from fans boycotting WB movies."

Nick says

"Lets ruin one’s career because he spoke up against his abuser. Really classy! Depp sends his regards"

Bertram Surlykke says

"Justice for Depp"

Martin Lees says

"Justice for Deep
Male domestic violence is real
Equality is served only when it suites"

Gunnar Sigurðsson says

"Former CEO is a rapist fu** and now they support false accusations against Johnny Depp.
Absolutley grotesque!"

Henrik says

A company that supports the abuse of men by putting the abusive and manipulative woman Amber Heard on their cover.

Shame on you.

#Justice for Johnny Depp#"

gigigi says

"worst company ever"

Daniel Molnar says

"Absolute trash company, toxic, and supporting domestic abuse. Avoid at all cost, don't let your children get posioned by this trash!"

Vladislav Miasnikov says

"Absolute scums

Justice for Johnny Depp"

Anne R says

"you deserve downfall for the s h i t decisions you make"

Mathias says

"Justice for Johnny Depp"

Delaney says

"Bah, mediocre!"

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